Reading well by third grade is one of the most important predictors of high school graduation and career success, according to the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. Yet in Palm Beach County, nearly half of all third graders are not reading on grade level. To delve deeper into this vital issue, please click below:


Why does third-grade reading matter, anyway?

What factors contribute to third-grade reading success – or failure?

Why should I care?

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During the early school years, children are focused on learning to read. But once children hit third grade, they begin reading to learn. That means if children can’t read well, they will fall behind in other subjects – science, social studies and even math, which increasingly depends on word problems as well as math facts.

Without strong reading skills, children fall further and further behind – making catch-up that much harder as the years go on.

Sadly, one in six children who can’t read on grade level by third grade won’t graduate high school on time.


The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading has identified three vital factors that affect reading success.

You, as a member of our community, need to care deeply about third-grade reading - even if you’ve already raised your children, never had children or know that your children can read just fine.

Here’s why:

This greatly affects our community’s tax base and its social stability, not to mention its ability to lure high-paying employers looking for highly skilled workers.

So what would Palm Beach County look like without a strong workforce and stable families? Would there be more crime? What about the safety of our infrastructure? Would we have fewer parks, libraries and community centers?

Third-grade reading success matters to all of us because it directly impacts our quality of life.
Click here to read Why Reading Matters for Parents and Our Community.


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