Why does school readiness matter to third-grade reading success?

The road to high school graduation begins with school readiness. That’s because children who are ready to learn when they enter school are able to keep up with their peers. When they’re keeping up, they’re more likely to succeed academically – and be reading on grade level by the end of third grade.

This is a vital academic milestone. Studies have shown that children who can read on grade level by the end of third grade have a much better chance of graduating from high school.
As a community, we need to ensure parents and caregivers have the tools and information they need to prepare very young children for school. This means talking and singing to infants, playing and engaging toddlers, and working with preschoolers on developmental issues like self-control, as well as academic ones.

Just as important, children need books in their lives, and they need loving adults to read those books to them daily.

For information on how to raise a reader, click here.

For early learning and preschool resources, visit The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County’s website or the Palm Beach County School District’s voluntary pre-kindergarten site.


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