Your first step in raising a reader is developing a love of reading in your child. Here are tips from the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County to get you started:

Get Caught Reading: By reading in front of your children, you set a good example and let them know you value reading.

Talk, Talk, Talk: Talk to your infant, baby and child. Talk to them about books and stories, as well as everything else you come across in your daily life. Talk to them when grocery shopping, cooking, folding laundry, taking a walk. Point out colors, animals, vehicles. Discuss the weather, count out silverware. Tell stories and rhymes. The more words your children hear, the bigger their vocabulary and the better they’ll do in school.

Read, Read, Read: Point out print everywhere – on street signs and cereal boxes, as well as in books. And take the time to read with your children every day. It shows them you enjoy spending time with them and that you value reading.

Take Books Along: Keep books, magazines and other reading materials in your bag, in the car and anywhere else you go. The more exposure your children have to reading, the better reader they’ll become. (Besides, books are a great way to keep children busy at a doctor’s office, a bus stop or in the car!)

Visit the Library: When children are able to choose their own books, they’re more likely to read them. So, help your child get a library card. Show them how to choose books – and then share those books with them.

Additional Help:

If you, or your child, need help with reading, please call: 1.800.273.1030

If you have questions about your child’s growth and development, please call: 1.888.634.7900

Online Book Lists:

Reading is for everybody – no matter how young or old. Here are some great reading lists for kids of all ages and stages:

2016 Notable Children’s Books – the best of the best in children’s books, compiled by the Association for Library Service to Children.

ReadKiddoRead – a website developed by author James Patterson that encourages children to read.

Books for boys who hate to read - also from ReadKiddoRead.

Multicultural children’s literature – compiled by goodreads.

Best picture books - compiled by goodreads.

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